9 thoughts on “Goodbye, Madame McCaffrey

    • Thanks, MSB. I think Dragonflight might have been the first fantasy book I ever read. It was certainly the first story about dragons I’d read that wasn’t a picture book or a fairy tale.

      • They didn’t have any of her books on the shelf. I hope that means she’s just wildly popular. Regardless, I’m putting in a request. Which one would you recommend first?

        • Most of her books are still in print, and I son’t know of any library that would discard any of her books, except for wear and tear. I’d guess everyone wants to say goodbye, or find out why readers are in mourning.

          Try Dragonflight if you like dragons, To Ride Pegsus if you like telepathy, and The Ship Who Sang if you like straight SF.

          Let me know what you think of them!

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