Six Sentence Sunday – Full Metal Librarian II (The Library)

Another Six Sentence Sunday!

Six more sentences from my first complete drawer novel are below.

I managed to catch every red light as I wove through the one-ways that frame downtown Davenport—typical.

There was just enough time after plugging my car into its space in the library complex garage and clearing the retinal print at the staff entrance to sprint up the stairs to the locker room, throw on my body armor and clock in.  Thirty seconds to spare.

In the weapons room, Regina was behind the blastproof window, cleaning an assortment of firearms.  “Hey, Clyota.”

I gave her a brief nod, said “Afternoon,” and signed the sheet for my HushMaster.

First Six

Almost missed signing up this week—it hasn’t become a habit yet.

Um . . . Should it be?


24 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Full Metal Librarian II (The Library)

  1. Habits take what, 30 days to form? It might not be a habit yet, but I really hope it becomes one. Another awesome six. I feel like I’m falling in love with the story all over again. You have got to do something with that.

  2. Wow–this is so very intriguing!!! I am behind on my reading, so wondering what you’ve already posted. Maybe I should have started from your earlier posts and worked forward… Regardless, you have something good going here, girlfriend. What’s the genre?

    • Glad you like it, Sherry! This is only my second one of these posts, so you’ve only missed six sentences.

      It’s my try at a SF novel—and my first finished one of any type.

        • I’m not, really. I just got mad at work one day and built a world where librarians were independently and very well funded, controlled access to all legitimate information, ensured patron privacy, made people follow the rules, and commanded a little respect.

          Oddly enough, when those requirements were filtered through my brain, Utopian rainbows didn’t show up on the page . . .

    • It’s one of those family names, the kind that pop up in families once the last recipient is too far removed from the newest one to protest the tradition.

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