Secret Confession of a Sonic Screwdriver-Wielding Underrock Dweller

For a brief moment this morning, I assumed Cyber Monday was a Doctor Who anniversary.


That’s what I get for watching the library’s copies of the first two Doctor Eleven seasons over the past week. Or that’s my excuse, anyway.

But once the True Meaning of Cyber Monday was explained to me, I managed to snag both seasons for a very good price.

Which kind of makes it Doctor Who Day after all . . .

Hey—when’s Torchwood Day?


What have you been watching lately?



*I’ll turn in my Geek Card and pick up a Loser Badge  first thing tomorrow, promise.  I’m keeping my Nerd Card, though—I’ve earned it.



8 thoughts on “Secret Confession of a Sonic Screwdriver-Wielding Underrock Dweller

  1. Hand me my nerd card, because I recently started getting into Doctor Who and I love it. I just finished watched Season 5 of the new series (Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor…I actually forget he’s the 11th Doctor because I haven’t seen any of the previous seasons) and am about to start on his next season. Just remember: Bow ties are cool!

  2. Gah! How I loved that scene.
    I think I could trade in my television if it wasn’t for Doctor Who and MadMen.
    It’s so funny. I was never a girl to get crushes on the boys posted up in Tiger Beat, etc. It just wasn’t my thing.
    But now, my goodness, the brainy ones make me freakin’ weak in the knees (a writer using that expression, do you see the depths I plummet??). Matt Smith, David Tennant…man, oh, man. The kids can keep their Justin Bieber/Robert Patterson/whoeverelse. Give me my men in bow ties any day of the week.
    Oh Yes. It Really Is That Embarrassing.

    • Generally speaking, painfully skinny men, however exquisite the cheekbones, aren’t my thing, but the characters that Smith, Tennant, and Benedict Cumberbatch play had me from a standing start. . . I want to marry their fictional brains.

      I’ve explained to my husband that this wouldn’t actually be bigamy. He said he’d work on a rebuttal. 🙂

  3. Does it surprise you to know I have no idea what you’re talking about? What is this Dr. Who of which you speak?

    I’ve been busy trying to get through GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATOO. The only show that keeps me away from that goal is AMERICAN HORROR SHOW, the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long while. Jessica Lange is, simply, dazzling.

    • The only show I try to watch at the time of its actual showing is Leverage. I do DVD marathons with the rest and am planning to do the same with American Horror Show. I love Ms. Lange!

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