Do it NOW.

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My husband called me at work this morning.

The guy who checks out our heating system every fall discovered that our heater is cracked and leaking carbon monoxide

We usually wait for the all-clear before we turn it on, but it’s been chilly lately, so we’ve been running it for about four days.  After all, we had two children and a senior to worry about.


The levels didn’t set off our CO alarms, but they were getting there after only four days—and we couldn’t, after the fact, remember when we’d changed the batteries.  And it turns out that the CDC had a different idea about the placement of our alarms than the manufacturer does.

It’s going to cost us upwards of five thousand dollars to replace the unit—not including the cost of the space heaters that will be keeping us warm until next week—but we’re alive and healthy, and that’s a damned good trade for our savings account.

Two weeks ago, the newspaper reported that a local couple wasn’t so lucky—they’re still in the hospital and their beloved dogs are gone.

So please, anyone who lands on this post, even if you’re just looking for cider recipes,  earache remedies, or Damon Runyan quotes—and even if you live in an area that doesn’t get that cold right now—get your heating systems checked (or bug your landlord) and replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarms right now. 

If you don’t have any CO alarms, go shopping for them now or ask your family for an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Solstice gift—or give them one.

If you can’t afford ‘em, ask your fire department or the health department of your city or county if they can help.  They’d much rather help you now than hope to save you in the future.

I’m serious, guys, and you know that doesn’t happen often.

Do it now.


4 thoughts on “Do it NOW.

  1. Who knew owning a house could be so demanding? I never thought I’d say this but there are definitely times when I miss having a landlord.

    Thank goodness you caught the crack when you did. And thank you for urging us all to do this. It really is incredibly important.

    • I miss the landlord, but not the neighbors!

      And I’m so grateful my husband insists on getting the heater and boiler checked out in the spring and fall. . .

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