Sharing Playlists: Longing

As I’ve mentioned here before, I listen to music while I’m writing.

It’s not only a way to shut out the real world—or at least the part that’s under-ten years old—but a way to help me visualize the world or the people I’m trying to create.

To save time,* I have a ton of playlists. When I discover a song** that fits a character or a mood or a place, I add it to the appropriate list or lists.***

Among the moods I have on my laptop right now are rage, despair,  love, strength, lust, death, fear, adrenaline,^ joy, and longing.^^

This one is longing (click the pop-out player):

And this is a song I couldn’t  add to the player—it may be a bit over the top . . .  but sometimes it’s exactly what I need to hear:

Are there any songs you think I’m missing?  Or any songs on this list you think I should be missing?


*That is, to keep myself from fiddling endlessly with this or that tune instead of opening a document and making with the words

**That is, when Lisa has her Music Mondays . . .

***There’s some interesting crossovers when it comes to moods—the fine line between love and hate is mostly made of eminem . . .

^Adrenaline isn’t a mood, exactly, but you know what I mean.

^^ And cleaning, which isn’t a mood at all, but is something I have to be in the mood to do.  Lots of Black-Eyed Peas in that one.