Janie Photos: Going Tropical

Our new furnace is being installed today!

We’ve been without heat since Thursday—considering the alternative, this isn’t a complaint—and have done several creative things to keep warm, including space heaters, bundling, redefining the concept of pyjamas, heating up clothes in the dryer,* and lacing the flannel sheets with catnip to attract our roaming feline tummywarmer.

My husband took the kids and my MIL to the botanical gardens yesterday, which is a good move if you’re cold—it’s semi-tropical in there.  I was playing it a little cooler at the library that afternoon,** so I handed Janie my camera*** and told her not to lose it, thus earning back all the  Best Mom Ever points that I’d lost during Saturday’s Science Homework Incident.

This is what I missed:
I don’t know what that bright yellow flower is, but it reminds me of this one (credit to my husband for this image, as Janie is in the background getting her left hand painted):

Janie caught half of her father looking alert in the foliage (I was told he’d just noticed Sunny about to plunge into the turtle pond) and another lovely flower I can’t identify:


She also took more photos of koi than you would credit, even for an eight-year oldApparently, they kept moving.
These are the best of many—chosen mostly because I think the orange one in the right image looks like a dolphin.


She (reluctantly) handed her father the camera to record the face- and hand-painting.  Apparently, she told him to be very careful with it, because Mom would want to use the pictures in The Blog:

She was so right.

*That was an accident, because I forgot that I’d started a load of laundry last night before writing time, so I shivered until it was all dry and wrapped myself in hot cloth. It was a transcendental experience that I’ll be repeating every morning until Spring.

**I don’t work many Sundays, thank heavens.  It’s only three hours, and I like the comp time, but my husband always finds such great things to do when I’m not around.  I can’t tell if my absence leaves a terrible hole that can only be filled with pure awesome or he’s just being passive aggressive.  But next week, when he’s gone, I’m taking the kids to the Muppet Movie.  So there.

***I’m thinking of getting her a one for Christmas, though if I do, the only images I’ll have in my camera will be of thumbs and Picasso People.