Something amazing (dot dot dot)

Sorry for the extremely late post—I had a five-hour lunch with a friend, then went to my department’s annual holiday dinner which lasted well past our respective children’s bedtimes.

Sometimes, good things take time.

Kind of like this:

Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Something amazing (dot dot dot)

  1. This is amazing. When I was younger I used to draw using dots like this. Of course, mine were nothing as beautiful as this but to know there’s a term for it, stippling, is awesome. I might have to try my hand at it again one of these days.

    What a gorgeous tribute to his father.

    • My MIL has a framed stippling image my sister-in-law did when she was in high school. It’s a bear and the details are amazing.

      She only did one or two, though—her hand kept cramping so she switched to paintbrushes!

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