Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian IV (Sticks and Stones)

Another Six Sentence Sunday, another look at my first drawer novel—and a peek into Clyota’s life.

It isn’t all hot partners and HushMasters, you know:

Only a few people have the guts or ignorance to overtly threaten a Librarian, but there were plenty who thought I should be reminded of what my mother had done and that I was going to hell, too, or worse, by association.

My inbox held only two of those messages today,  one hinting that I could earn redemption by living alone on a mountain for the rest of my life, praying for the families of the MoonShot Base victims.  I sent both to System Admin for blockage and legal repercussions, though Jeff didn’t seem overly concerned.

“Sticks and stones,” he said.

I didn’t bother telling him that sticks and stones were a walk in the park. Broken bones heal, but word-inflicted wounds can be deep and permanent.  

Go ask any school-aged kid which one he’d want to face.


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