Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian IV (Sticks and Stones)

Another Six Sentence Sunday, another look at my first drawer novel—and a peek into Clyota’s life.

It isn’t all hot partners and HushMasters, you know:

Only a few people have the guts or ignorance to overtly threaten a Librarian, but there were plenty who thought I should be reminded of what my mother had done and that I was going to hell, too, or worse, by association.

My inbox held only two of those messages today,  one hinting that I could earn redemption by living alone on a mountain for the rest of my life, praying for the families of the MoonShot Base victims.  I sent both to System Admin for blockage and legal repercussions, though Jeff didn’t seem overly concerned.

“Sticks and stones,” he said.

I didn’t bother telling him that sticks and stones were a walk in the park. Broken bones heal, but word-inflicted wounds can be deep and permanent.  

Go ask any school-aged kid which one he’d want to face.


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26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian IV (Sticks and Stones)

  1. True, although you can give words more power to hurt you than you need to by choosing to dwell on them.

    I’m also curious about what happened with the MoonShot Base. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This look into Clyota’s personal life does a lot. It doesn’t just explain why her hard shell is the way it is; it explains a lot about the culture of her world, too and it does it so well. I agree with everyone else—more!

  3. I like the spare, menacing quality here. I can’t put my finger on it but the prose reminds me of someone. I’ll be back when it comes to me…

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