Why Mommy threw out the Barbie Guitar: An exculpatory repost

The first upset over the Great Cleaning finally happened last night, when Janie couldn’t find Sunny’s Barbie guitar for her impromptu concert of holiday songs she’d memorized from Clifford The Big Red Dog’s website.

She searched the donation bags, then stormed over to demand its safe return.

I told her I’d pitched it because it was broken (and to put the donations back in the bag, please) and after a short, futile argument (over both) she left.

But I’m afraid I lied.  That guitar wasn’t just broken . . . it was possessed.

Here’s the whole story.

I’ve tried to get rid of it before, but someone always rescued it.  If it comes back this time, I’m gonna try burning sage.

But at least the Tinkerbell watch is silent . . .

14 thoughts on “Why Mommy threw out the Barbie Guitar: An exculpatory repost

    • This is why the donation bags won’t leave the house for a week. But I’m not expecting them to look for much.

      I’m going to have to be much more careful with their bedroom . . .

  1. My mom once gave my son a fire truck with a siren, AND a set of musical instruments all at one time. A month later, all the kid was left with was a tambourine and a small plastic Dalmation. I just. couldn’t. take it.

    • Yes—the percussion set (tambourine, maracas, cymbals, etc.) that my brother-in-law gave Janie for her second Christmas were the first things to hit the donation bag.

      Don’t tell anyone! 😉

  2. My sister in law, who was childless at the time, delighted in giving the girls toys that played, sang or generally irritated me after five minutes. It’s okay though, I gave them all to her boy when he turned four 🙂

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