Sharing Playlists: Adrenaline

(Please note the bassoonist—this is my dream gig)

A couple of you wanted to know what my adrenaline playlist is like, and I needed a blog post, so here we go.

It’s really . . . long.  And even more schizo than the Longing Playlist:  Techno and pop, classic and  metal, Charlie Daniels and no apologies.

But all of these songs get me moving, which is no mean feat, let me tell you.  And yes, I write to these, too, though sometimes my fingers don’t move fast enough.

There are a handful of songs I couldn’t get from—like Metallica’s S&M album (see above) and the Clayton and Mullen arrangement of the Mission Impossible theme—and some things I didn’t bother to find, like a couple ‘eighties tunes and far more Linkin’ Park and Depeche Mode than is probably good for me.

Click on the Pop-out player in the center and tell me what you think.  And as always, don’t miss the Apocalyptica.

What do you play to get your heart pumping?