Sharing Playlists: Adrenaline

(Please note the bassoonist—this is my dream gig)

A couple of you wanted to know what my adrenaline playlist is like, and I needed a blog post, so here we go.

It’s really . . . long.  And even more schizo than the Longing Playlist:  Techno and pop, classic and  metal, Charlie Daniels and no apologies.

But all of these songs get me moving, which is no mean feat, let me tell you.  And yes, I write to these, too, though sometimes my fingers don’t move fast enough.

There are a handful of songs I couldn’t get from—like Metallica’s S&M album (see above) and the Clayton and Mullen arrangement of the Mission Impossible theme—and some things I didn’t bother to find, like a couple ‘eighties tunes and far more Linkin’ Park and Depeche Mode than is probably good for me.

Click on the Pop-out player in the center and tell me what you think.  And as always, don’t miss the Apocalyptica.

What do you play to get your heart pumping?


6 thoughts on “Sharing Playlists: Adrenaline

  1. I dig your taste in music, Sarah. I’d add Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind and All My Life by the Foo Fighters. Oh, and Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio.

    The Apocalyptica is terrific, with the strings and that weird, driving beat.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Averil—I like Semi-Charmed Life, wonder why it’s not on my list. I’ll try out the others, too.

      I love Apocalyptica. Hall of the Mountain King is probably my favorite, at the moment.

  2. Definitely an adrenaline rush. Once upon a time I wore a trench coat with Duran Duran pins on the lapel. Thanks for the memories.

    • Hail, fellow Duran Duran fan! I owned and wore out all their records—My mother still shudders if someone says, “Rio.”

      I always thing of a strange version of Peter Pan when I listen to Wild Boys . . .

    • You’re welcome, Teri!

      Enjoy, and please give a full review on your blog when you’re done. Or I’ll have Sunny crank up the puppy dog eyes.

      (um . . . don’t listen to this playlist while you read it)

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