Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian V (The Message)

Six Sentence Sunday is open to all writers.  Just pick a six  sentence passage from anything you’ve written—published, unpublished, whatever—and post it on your blog on Sunday.  Registration for the upcoming Sunday list opens the previous Tuesday evening at 5pm CST.  More information is here.

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I told myself to put a sock in it already and tapped the last message.  The address was impersonal, issued from a generic comm service, so I expected either a vendor ad or another loathe letter.

Dear Clyota Renee,

My brain froze.  No one called me that, except my—

I jammed my thumb on a key, shutting down the application.


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25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian V (The Message)

  1. Considering Clyota is a “full metal librarian,” it’s insanely intriguing to think that there’s something or someone that shuts her down so effectively. Awesome six, as usual! Can’t wait for next week!

  2. Kazuo Ishiguro! Never Let Me Go!

    Remember when I told you I was getting a vibe of something, some author and I couldn’t place it?? Reading this in bits, I am getting the vibe that I got from that and if you haven’t you need to get that book tomorrow and read it. Now.

    It’s a really quick read, an amazing book that keeps you guessing even when you know what’s going on. But something about the writing…Sarah, if you haven’t you need to read this book. He is a master at the style you already have.

    Okay, go get the book and get back to me. No, really. I’ll wait.

    • Well, now you have me curious, Lyra!

      Looks like my library has Never Let me Go, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I’m flattered or confused!

      • Be flattered.
        He is amazing. I can’t wait to hear if the clean stark phrase that keeps jumping out to me is intentional or not, but I think that if you read the first chapter you’ll know what I’m trying to get at yet poorly explaining.

        • I’m at work and going up to get it now.

          And regardless, if you’re comparing my stuff to someone you like that much, I am flattered and thank you for the compliment! 🙂

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