Random Thursday: Peanuts, Sugarplums, and White Wine in the Sun

Feeling kind of musical today, decided to go with it . . .


I know “Linus & Lucy” isn’t really a holiday song, but I tend to think of it as one—blame the Peanuts TV specials.

Our favorite local radio station seems to agree; they’ve played almost every day since Thanksgiving and my kids and I always converge on the radio and dance to it.

This is an excellent version by The Piano Guys, who brought us Cello Wars.

I so want to be the lovely lady in the green pantsuit someday.  She’s a hoot and a half.


I love The Nutcracker and I love unusual musical instruments.

Put them together and make the results hauntingly beautiful, and I’m all over it.


I’ve recently discovered Tim Minchin and became an instant fan. He’s one of the most amazing pianists I’ve ever heard and I usually end up crying with laughter at his songs and irreverent, barefoot wit.

A few of his songs are a tad more sincere, though just as clever, and this is one of them. It’s my new favorite Christmas song, and I don’t say that lightly.

Someday, when I’m that lady in green, I hope my family will have holidays like this, too.

And yours, too.


And finally, because I firmly believe that the world needs more Muppets:*

* And that if you put these three specific ones together—with perhaps a soupçon of Fozzie—you get something that looks a lot like a map of my psyche.  Which muppets are you?

9 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Peanuts, Sugarplums, and White Wine in the Sun

  1. Fun stuff. The glass harmonica is especially haunting. Muppets….I’d like to think it was Kermit, professor honeydew, and Gonzo. I would most like to hang out with Animal though. I always wanted to play with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

    In the spirit of your previous post about your heritage…Happy Holidays! Hope that you have a wonderful fun-filled, safe Christmas season.

    • I can only imagine what Honeydew and Gonzo combined would do to poor Beaker! 😀 But I totally agree about The Mayhem—I always wanted to jam with Zoot.

      Happy Merry, John!

  2. I love the Linus Lucy song!
    One of my dearest friends from elementary school on, got married and asked me to “write something”. Oh and by the way, it was for the church. She had given the Corinthians number along with the other stand-bys to people who could read, but could I just put together a little something? After all, I was the writer in the group (this was our grand high school assumption from my friends, the one in question now being a doctor). So I did, and it was about how you know someone is right because they know how you take your coffee and make it before you ask. I wrote this. For a church ceremony.
    Anywho, we proceeded to the reception in her parents backyard and the song that they walked out to was this one, Linus and Lucy. And the core group of us, friends for so many years, stood up and started dancing immediately because what most of the people didn’t know was that we still had our Snoopy stuffed animal and the requisite outfits, the royal blue jogging one springs to mind.
    So when I hear that song (and how fantastic was that video??), I think of her wedding, and a story about coffee told in a church, and a group of friends who loved “Peanuts” and Snoopy and had the stuffed animal far longer than any of them would care to admit.

    I’m Janice of the band, with a bit of Gonzo (his love of Clarice knew no bounds) and Miss Piggy (temper, temper) thrown in.

  3. Tim Minchin is a favorite around here. My husband and I serenade each other with the chorus of If I Didn’t Have You, almost nightly.

    Despite the difference in gender, I’ve always identified with Kermit. BTW, I love the word soupcon and I’m very impressed you got that accent under the ‘c.’

    • My husband and I were giggling over that one the other day. My favorite one, besides “White Wine” is “Prejudice.” I’m not ginger, but I want to be, just because of that song.

      Soupçon is one of the few French words I can pronounce properly—and I live to use the Insert Symbol function (Ω).

      And you are our beloved Kermit, MSB.

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