Random Thursday: Bagels, Brainstorming, and Belgian Jazz

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā):  the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s gathered during the week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as actually sitting down and creating real content.


With Friends Like These, Who Needs Pigeons?

This morning, a friend sent me an e-mail with Pigeon Impossible in the subject line.

For the record, this is a terrible thing to do to someone who just sent you a synopsis draft for a novel with Pigeon in the title.

When I finally opened the e-mail, I found a video link and a brief note saying, “Relax, I haven’t read it yet.  Paranoid much?”

With friends like this, do you blame me?

It’s almost as bad as having this guy in charge of the nuclear suitcase:

Thanks for the vid, Kev.  You stinker.


 Save Sarah’s Sanity

Okay, seriously people—despite your dubious taste in blogs*, I know you’re all brilliant in ways I am not and it’s brainstorming time:

How can I catch the new Sherlock episodes on BBC One online without paying for an exorbitantly expensive service for a year—good God, what’s happened to the exchange rate—or without buying a plane ticket from Illinois to England  and throwing my obsessed self on poor Sarah P.’s mercy (I can cover a plane seat or a hotel, not both), since the Canadian Duchess has gone temporarily AWOL?

Sherlock isn’t arriving in the States until May.  May.  I can’t wait five months.  I’ll go insane** and take every single one of you with me.   By mid-March, I’ll be stationed below the virtual bedroom window of the whole Internet screaming “SherrrrLLLLOOOOCK!!!” in my second*** best Marlon Brando Streetcar impression.

“Scandal in Belgravia” starts at 8:10 pm on New Year’s Day, so we’ve got until 2 am EST on Monday (think Chicago), or a reasonable amount of time afterward (think hours, not months, pretty please) to make this work.

Comment below or e-mail me your ideas—I’d prefer not to risk being arrested or fined (the exchange rate again) or cash in my meager retirement fund to finance it.  And if it involves a procedure more complicated than plug-and-play, you’re going to have to dumb the instructions waaaaay down.

One of you must have an in with Stephen Moffat or Mark Thompson’s personal marker or something like that, right?  Anyone a friend of a school friend of a friend of the key grip?

Anyone?  Anything?

Don’t make me do the pouty Brando puppy eyes.  No one wants that.


Docteur Qui?

One of the miracles of Boxing Day was the addition of BBCAmerica to our local cable provider’s offerings.

So even though BBCAmerica didn’t buy the rights to Sherlock, ^ at least I have Doctor Who, though a day too late for the Christmas Special—but a day’s delay for the rerun beats waiting for the DVD set (insert pause for pointed silence here).

And speaking of the good Doctor, and the length of time it takes to import BBC shows^^ I was watching Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra^^^ the other day, and fell in love with his version of the Doctor Who theme, which also has Lyra’s stamp of approval:

Grace, you lived in Belgium for a while, right?  What’s the verdict?


*Hi, there.

**Hush.  Y’all ain’t seen nothing, yet.

***Because I will be keeping my shirt on, thanks very much.  Even insanity has its limits.

^What were they thinking?  Is their marketshare so high that they can dismiss all the non-British fans of the show?  You can’t tell me it’s too expensive—PBS bought it, for heaven’s sake.  At a delay discount, sure, but c’mon.

^^ And clumsy segues, while we’re at it . . .

^^^Bill Bailey is nine kinds of cool and this program displays at least eight of those.  You can view it on YouTube here.  If you don’t have an hour to spare, you can’t miss to the explanation of the bassoon, which is two kinds all by itself.


12 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Bagels, Brainstorming, and Belgian Jazz

  1. What you have is the kind of friend who knows you well enough that the leave a brief note before you can lose it. 🙂 And that wouldn’t be a complete draft you sent would it? Because there would be someone else you should send that, too…

    As far as Sherlock goes, well, I have no means to fix that besides 1) finding a new obsession (have you tried Being Human yet? BBC or SyFy version) and 2) illegal options. But you might get desperate enough in a few months to consider it.

    And Pigeon Impossible was very cute. I feel like the gang may feel like their days are going that way sometimes.

    • Would I send someone else the last few chapters before you, First Reader? I think not!

      I need a decent synopsis for a purpose that I may share later . . .

      I’ve burned through Being Human . . . But you know I’ve always preferred sociopaths to vampires, and your werewolves over all the others!

      • I was just checking. I *need* to finish reading it. 🙂

        I’d be happy to know why you need a (definitely better than decent, if you wrote it) synopsis, but I could also understand if you didn’t share.

        I do know that you prefer sociopaths (and I more than understand), but you compliment me out of this world to say you prefer my werewolves. Awesome. On the other hand, American Being Human starts up in January. And, if you’ve ever been interested in ’40s gangsters with a few sociopaths mixed in, Boardwalk Empire might interest you if you’ve never watched. But I’m glad you’ve got an in, now!

        • Thanks, Lisa. You will.

          I’ll share next month, if that’s all right. No big mystery, just something I need to do.

          I think Leverage and Sherlock are enough for me right now. For everything else, I’ll wait for the DVDs.

  2. Hmmmmm. I don’t know of a legal way for you to get the Sherlock episodes earlier than May. I’m sorry. I know your pain. I share your obsession. I spent $24.99 to have a year’s access to acornTVonline so I can watch the British mysteries I love so much. We had a friend who sent us complete, commercial free dvds of BBC1 Dr. Who episodes in the mail. Unfortunately, we never got out of her how she obtained them.

    Have you spent much time googling it? After it’s aired, say a week or two, you may be able to find it.

    • An incredibly generous friend has offered to download the first episode for me when it becomes availalble and then give me access! I’m in!


  3. Oh my dear. I blame this fully on you (you introduced me to the wonderful Sherlock, and what with my weakness for skinny brainiacs like Cumberpatch, really, you should have used better judgment…) that I read your commentary about Sherlock and think it is a completely reasonable response. May??? No. That will not do. When you get the goods, don’t forget your friends.

    And Bill Bailey? Where the goods and passion meet lies talent. Enough said. Love.

  4. Every time I come face to face with a pigeon, I think of you. On our way into NYC the other day, a pigeon was caught in our railroad car. The train hadn’t left the station, thank god, and my brave beloved tried desperately to get it out. I, on the other hand, cowered behind my four children, sweat building on my brow. In other words, I come to you quivering but dedicated. If ever you need another reader, I’m yours.

  5. Yes, I did. Here’s a rough translation, although I keep missing one word in the sixth line…

    It’s him.
    Doctor Who.
    He travels in the Tardis, the amazing telephone box of space
    The inside is much larger than the outside.
    That’s the mystery of Doctor Who.
    The head Dalek is …
    He wants to control the universe, the whole world he wants to control.
    He will never control the universe.
    Because the Doctor is better than the Daleks.
    He laughs, he he he, I am Doctor Who
    The Dalek can’t climb the stairs. It’s a tragedy for the Dalek.
    eh, eh, Darn it all.
    Exterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate
    No. I can’t, because I am Doctor Who.

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