The last official (if belated) post of 2011

I spent the day with Sunny, as we both had today off. I rarely get to do this—it was fun.

She woke up well after I dropped Jane off at school* and we watched a little Nick Jr. and had dry Cheerios and pretended to be turtles with the laundry hampers I was supposed to use for the three loads I had to finish or risk several of us going to work or school naked tomorrow.**

After lunch at Sunny’s favorite restaurant—they have dinosaur chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and a decent adult menu, too—we watched Disney’s Princess and the Frog, by which I mean she watched it while I watched something completely different on my laptop with headphones.***

We spent the rest of the afternoon “flopping on the bed,” which is a game—half aerobics, half pro-wrestling—that she invented back when she was younger and it didn’t hurt so much for her to bounce on the mattress and land an elbow drop to Mommy’s spleen, but she’s far more susceptible to psychological tickle-fingers , so it all evens out.  We also gave the cat a brushing and zapped pinkies with the static.

Not a bad way to spend our last hours of holiday freedom.

And then her Daddy came home and I was immediately abandoned.  I  dragged my squashed spleen over to my laptop, breathed for a bit and thought about 2011 for a while—you know, for the sake of Auld Lang Syne, and also because I remembered I needed a blog post.^

This was one hell of a year, y’all, for all kinds of reasons.

I started to list ’em out, but I already have a blog archive, off to the left there, and a decent search engine.  It’s pretty much all there, and I’ve left bits and pieces of the rest on most of your blogs as well.

So I’m going to spare you all that and skip to the end (you’re welcome).

There have been moments of upset and one patch of depression, sure, but the lows weren’t as low as they might have been—and the highs?  They soared.

And the main reason for this?  You all.

Those of you who comment, those who just land and like, those of you who send me e-mails and poems and bracelets and oh, mercy, the videos.

Those of you who have taken the time over the past twelve months to tell me (or show me) that I’m not wasting mine.

Thank you so much.  And thanks in advance for 2012—it’s going to be a blast.

epic win photos - Superhero Cookies WIN

Have a virtual hero cookie—you deserve it!  And don’t forget to tell me which one you chose!

*It started snowing halfway there and she suddenly realized she didn’t have mittens or a hat. So I handed over the gloves she gave me for Christmas (the cirrrrcle of liiiiife) and my second favorite red felted cloche hat. All came back, although the jet pin on the hat had mysteriously transferred itself to Jane’s jacket during the course of the day.

**And baby, it’s suddenly waaaay too cold outside for that.  I have no idea what’s going on with the weather (as if I ever have a clue)  It was 50F on Sunday—my husband took the kids out the hit baseballs at the park—and here it is 22 out, with a thin coating of indifferent snowflakes.  No wonder my sinuses are vibrating like tympani.

*** Yes.  This different, second season division.  And all I have to say about this at the moment is SQUEE.  I repeat, with all due dignity, SQUEE.  And to the person who made it possible, thank you again for saving everyone from the terror of my Brando impression.

^I swear I’m going to think it’s Monday all week.  Heaven help me if I have to date something without the magic of autofill . . .