Versatile Blogger Award, Condition the Second

As mentioned yesterday, one of the conditions of accepting the Versatile Bloggers Award is to nominate five other bloggers for the award.

Although MacDougal Street Baby already nominated most of my list today, she did leave me with six terrific people:

John Shaw, poet extraordinaire and proprietor of Taps and Ratamacues

Jalisa Blackman,who runs the review-, interview-, and music-fest that is Semi-Educational Reviews and writes some righteously strong female characters.

Sarah Pearson of Empty White Pages, whose Insecure Writing Group has helped me immensely.

Nina Killham, whose blog posts are as amazing as her books.

D L Dzioba of Screaming at the World who writes and knits and plans weddings and crochets adorable monsters.

And finally Wayne Pollard,  the creator of  Bo’s Cafe Life and the host of the No B.S. Blog for Writers, neither of which I miss (though he still owes me a keyboard)

I’ll be e-mailing the nominees soon!

Thank you all for sharing your talents, opinions, and cool stuff with us!

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award, Condition the Second

  1. Again, my sincerest apologies. Wonderful nominees, Sarah. I’m particularly enamored with Mr. Pollard. His simplicity is inspiring.

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  3. I got my email and I am totally psyched to be one of your nominees and to be on the list with such awesome people. You can’t see it, but I’m spinning in circles–that’s my happy dance. Thank you!

  4. Oh my word, you sweetheart. Thank you so much. I’ve been away and trying to get through January in one piece (why did I have my two children in January. Birthdays right after Chrismas, what was I thinking?) Anyway, thank you so much for nominating me. You da bee’s knees. xx

    • You’re welcome, Nina! You deserve it!

      And I know what you mean—one kid in January is enough for me . . . my entire immediate family was born in June, which is the sensible way to arrange things, but I wasn’t coordinated enough to carry on the tradition.

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