Reverse Poetry Contest Winner!

The Pink Cowgirl Hat of Win* has spoken!

The winner of the Reverse Poetry Contest Drawing is


This isn’t lillygrif’s first time entering one of these contests, and I’m hoping to eventually convince her to share her stuff—if not here, then somewhere—because I really like her style.

Her poems are thoughtful and pretty and just a little dark.  You can feel the hidden eyes peering at you from the fields of lavendar and wonder if the rustling lines are really the wind.

I did my best to wheedle her into letting me share her reversible one here, but even though it’s still International Delurking Week,**  she declined and I have to respect that.

She did agree to let me share her choice of mug, which reminds me of her reversible poem, so that’s something:

Congratulations, lillygrif!  It’s on its way.

And thanks to the eight people who took on the challenge and wrote a reversible poem—or in John S’s case, two.
*Which was finally located behind the Bureau of Hindrance.

**Hint, hint, delurk and comment, hint.