Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian IX (Truth and Consequences)

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Another bit from my drawer novel—after this, we’ll get back to actual plot, I think.

You know, some people actually do hate paying fines this much . . .

“She’s the one who threw that thing out there, not me!” said Nicky’s mother, pointing at me.

“You would have preferred to have your son splattered all over our walls?” asked Frieda.

“You should have caught him sooner!” said the woman, flushing a dull red.

“We aren’t babysitters, and we aren’t responsible for watching your children while you’re glued to a workstation—you are responsible for the actions of your child and for the replacement cost of that book. 

“If you refuse payment, the Department of Children’s Services will be contacted and you’ll be charged with child endangerment,” she added, with a raised eyebrow.  “I’m sure it will make a nice addition to the file they no doubt already have on your happy little family unit.”


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