Random Thursday: Hairy Balls and other Intellectual Stimulation

Catchy Title, no?

This Random Thursday is going to be a quickie, because the writing, she is like this right now:

epic win photos - Book Sculpture WIN

And I must take advantage.

Warning: Intellectual Time Suck Ahead
(and some ads—sorry)

I don’t subscribe to many YouTube Channels—actually, I just figured out how—but besides the Piano Guys and Tim Minchin* the only other channel I follow is the one owned by CGP Grey.

All you need to know—and all I know—is that CGP Grey’s tagline is “Complex Things Explained” and the videos this individual produces do indeed explain complex things, like what places make up the UK and why coffee is the most excellent addictive substance ever.

This is the first one I saw, but it wasn’t the last—I lost hours . . .

. . . but gained knowledge.

Not a bad trade.


Warning: Intellectual Time Suck, Serious Geek Edition:

I don’t follow the MinutePhysics channel ( “cool physics and other sweet science”)—just found it this morning by accident while trying to copy and paste the above video into WordPress before the caffeine kicked in—but I will.

Not just because I really do love physics,** or because they gave me a great title for this blog post, but because these guys have given me a scientific, mathematically-proven excuse for my hair.

You can’t put a price on that:



And This one’s Just a Bunch of Cool Words

But what words they are:

It’s also one of the best book trailers I’ve seen.


I have tomorrow off, and I’m going to spend it in a yet unselected location,*** where I will be writing until I have to pick up Janie from school.

We’ll see how it goes . . .

*For reasons that most of you probably already know. If you don’t, keyword them into the search window to your upper left to find out.

**Someone asked me this morning—as I was exclaiming over this video—how I can love physics and maintain my aversion to basic math. Well . . . physics, on my level, is made of amazing plug-and-play formulas and fantastic experiments created by brilliant minds that explain how the universe itself operates. The main thing basic math has shown me is how much money I don’t have in my bank account, and I have to do all the work. Which would you prefer?

***Which will have a hot and cold running caffeine supply, convenient bathrooms, and possibly WiFi, although I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.   But first, I have to get  Rocinante’s oil changed—where did the mileage go?  I haven’t been anywhere . . .