Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian X (Space Cowboy)

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Another six from my drawer novel.

Remember that e-mail that freaked Clyota in part five?  She finally opened it:

“My name is William Stanhope-Hardcastle.  We never met, but I was with your mother at WASA, until I hung up my spurs.  We flew all the early Moon port missions together and I even went along for the ride to Io— sure heard a lot about you during all those flight hours.”

I’ll bet he had—the Jupiter Rescue had been smack in the middle of my worst adolescent angst, when I’d been convinced that Mom had chosen to leave my sulking, unpleasant self to rescue those colonists from certain death just to spite me.

“Anyway, a while back, Monica sent me a lockbox for safekeeping and told me to pass it along to you if anything happened. 

Guess it did.”


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