12 thoughts on “Out of the Marking Pens of Middle School Students

  1. Beautiful message. And witty. I particularly like the sign that reads “I’m lazy” and is held by another student.

      • So true.
        My son woke up at 3 a.m. feverish so he tossed and turned in my bed as I rubbed his back, and told him it would be alright. I watched the digital numbers clicking away until it hit 5 and my alarm would have gone off if I hadn’t shut it off.
        As I rubbed his back, all I could think about was what happens when these kids get sick, and what can I do, really do?
        So yeah, on 3 hours sleep sitting on the train and I can’t shake it…You’re absolutely spot-

        • Yeah . . . the only thing I could think to do after reading the article you linked was go hug my kids again.

          That helped me a little . . . but that’s obviously not enough.

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