Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XI (MoonShot Base)

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Six more from my drawer novel. A little more info in this one—or at least a partial answer to a question everyone’s been asking.

A good friend helped me figure out that the mystery in this story is about the contents of the box, so I shouldn’t be so coy (my term, not hers) about what Clyota’s mother did.  Of course, at the time I wrote this, I wasn’t being coy, I simply didn’t know yet.

This is probably why so many writers I know just assume they’re going to ditch the first three chapters of their novels.

Editing—very important.

Charlie was introduced in Part III:

“Get some unsettling spam?”  asked Charlie, dropping into his seat.

I wasn’t sure Charlie knew how much hate mail I dealt with on a daily basis.  After he’d offered me his sympathy for my loss—without any of the awkwardness I’d come to dread from everyone else who’d bothered—we hadn’t spoken about my mother again. 

We hadn’t talked about her before the MoonShot Base Massacre, either, when she was still a celebrity hero instead of the worst mass-murderer of this century.

That was one of the reasons I’d thought maybe he and I might . . . but things were different now. 

“I can handle it,” I said.


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