Random Thursday: Library Potluck

As you can imagine, friends and family send me a lot of library related links and videos. I’m thinking of creating an online library out of them . . .  

Meanwhile, my bookmark folder is getting unwieldy, so here’s a random assortment:


Up in the  305.906s*

This section includes Stephen Fry’s Giraffe Mating Rituals in the Ancient World, Abraham Lincoln biographies,  The Tall Book by Arianne Cohen,** and Gheorghe Muresan’s new self-help book, How to Duck.

epic win photos - Serving All Customers WIN

Yeah, right, like I’d ever know what they put up there.


funny pictures history - YEAH, MY LIBRARY BOOKS ARE LATE.

Try it, Lady.

We revoked your card the minute the warrant came through and have orders to hush you on sight.


Monty Python’s Flying Librarian

C’mon, man—they were buying it!  How can you pass up the opportunity for some  Board-sanctioned rending?


Damn Skippy

Man, they're serious  at this  library!

And turn off your cell phone, too, while you’re at it.


Better share this one while it’s still relevant and/or funny:

Funny Captions - 1% of the semester holds 99% of the stress. OCCUPY LIBRARY

Whew. Just made it.


Size Doesn’t Matter

Because a library is a library . . .

epic win photos - Library WIN

. . . No matter how small.

epic win photos - Tiny Library WIN


This is so on my Bucket List

Think they’d spot me a handicap?

*The IM conversation behind that obscure, throwaway classification joke:

Me: Psst—What’s the Dewey for books about tall people?
Grace: seriously?
Me: Yep
Grace: I don’t think there is one…I suppose you could class it as a special group…honestly I’d give the books their normal number then add a prefix for the physical location…
Me (sending link): But if you had to, how would you classify these?
Grace (after a pause): Would you consider height a social status?
Me: Oh, yeah. I’m 5’4″
Grace: 305.906
Me: Which is what?
Grace: 3XX = Social sciences
305 = groups of people
305.9 = People by occupation and miscellaneous social statuses; people with disabilities and illnesses, gifted people
305.906 = miscellaneous social status (except for victims of crime which are in 362.88)
Me: You rock.

She really does, y’all

** This, like the Lincoln biographies,  is a real book. But unlike most of the Lincoln biographies I’ve encountered,  it’s fun. Unless your library has specialty shelving, a whimsical view towards cataloging, and a ladder, you’ll probably find it around 612.661.

***But I still wonder if that first one is hiring—I’m pretty sure they provide unicorns to shuttle staff from the parking lot to the front gates.