8 thoughts on “Something Bellissimo: Round About Five

    • I know—they both had this moment . . . and they chose each other. It’s marvelous, but it also leaves you with this big What if to think about, which I also love . . .

    • There’s a Blackpool clip out there of Mr. Tennant wearing glasses and chewing on the end of a pen—that’s all he’s doing—and I’ve watched it so many times, it’s almost gone viral.

      Having said this, though, I think David Tennant, while gorgeous and undeniably talented, would have had a difficult time playing this role as a sweet Everyman.

    • No . . . I change my mind every single time I see it. But I’m always glad the woman on the train rejected the handsome (and, I’m sure, very nice man) in favor of Martin Freeman.

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