Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XII (Home Sweet Home)

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Six more from my drawer novel.



I signed over the desk to my third shift replacement, clocked out at 2100 hours,  and let my car—a nifty little Ford Shirataki I had just paid off—take me home.

I plugged the Shirataki into its charger, locked the garage door behind me, and trudged around to the front.  There hadn’t been enough credit in my accounts to get a Security Garage Door installed, so I’d had the connecting door to the house and the back door sealed until I did—I’d had break-ins that first year,  people looking for revenge, an excusable target, or just souvenirs.

I keyed my code into the DoorPost, which released a hardcopy letter from Aunt Rosie and announced that it had recorded thirty-four messages and had issued a trespassing alert, one warning blast, no fatalities.

I walked up the path to the Door, which let me in and locked behind me.

Home Sweet Home.


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