What I did last night

Grace, Cha Cha, my MIL, and I all went to see Sondheim’s Company in an extremely small theater.

The performances were terrific, and the pre-show entertainment featured a bat, who did a lovely dance over everyone’s heads, to much exclamatory admiration, before the theater owner ushered him out, to thunderous applause.

Company isn’t my favorite Sondheim,* especially not to see with my MIL,** but it has some great funny and poignant moments, one of which made me peek through my fingers because it was so amazingly, beautifully, painfully awkward and, for a double whammy, featured the friend we went there to see.

Chris, you rocked that scene—the only disappointment was that you didn’t sing a solo.

The other best bits were the ever caustic “Ladies Who Lunch,” which turns out is in my range, so watch out karaoke lovers, and “(Not) Getting Married Today,” which was done to shaking, neurotic perfection by the actress, who at one point crabwalked up a flight of stairs.

Her performance wasn’t recorded, which is a shame, but I found a clip done by Carol Burnett, who is always worth watching. This is part of Putting it Together, a Sondheim revue, so it’s missing some hilarious dialogue, but still:

And for those of you who are wondering, yeah, that’s John Barrowman of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame on the left. The man can sing.

*I may catch some flack for this, but Into the Woods is my hands-down favorite, even though I was in the pit for fifteen thousand combined rehearsals and performances of it and know the entire thing by heart and should be sick of it. That’s the sign of a good musical. Of course, I only actually saw it twice . . .

**Who felt the same way about seeing her priest in the audience.

13 thoughts on “What I did last night

  1. My beloved is a huge Sondheim fan, Sweeny Todd being his favorite full production. He’s right now making me watch Bernadette Peters sing Not a Day Goes By.

  2. “Chris, you rocked that scene—the only disappointment was that you didn’t sing a solo.”

    Sarah, you are most kind. Thank you for your comments. Although I would like to point out that it did have a short solo in “Have I Got a Girl for You.” Apparently not a memorable one though. =D

    I am glad that you enjoyed the show, despite it not being one of your favorites and having to see it with your MIL…and a bat, which, from my understanding may be redundant. 😉

    I appreciate your support and friendship.

    Many happy returns!


      • Chris, you were amazing! And I agree, We would have loved to have seen you with a larger solo! Of course, every time we fill out an help desk report we’ll be thinking of you dancing in a sparkly hat!

    • I’d have problems memorizing anything with John Barrowman in the room—but I wouldn’t have a chance with that song, anyway.

      But Janie and I are getting pretty good at singing “The Twelve Cats of Christmas,” by Trout Fishing in American—probably because Mr. Barrowman doesn’t commute with us.

  3. You need to check NPR for the interview they did with Stephen Colbert. I was stuck driving home from the city one day and he was discussing how he had Sondheim on his show and had to try not to break character and go all fanboy on him. It was classic and the first time I had heard Colbert outside of THE Colbert. That led to Sondheim asking him to be in The Company.

    Found it! It’s a 40 minute interview, but so worth it when you get a chance.


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