Further Conversations with Cha-Cha: Wordify In the Ranchlands

My friend Cha-Cha, regularly beats  me at Words with Friends with her skill, sophisticated vocabulary, and the diabolical ability to place her words exactly where I was about to put mine.

I still think frumptery should be a word.*


Cha-Cha: I am definitely coming down with something.

Me: Ennui?

Cha-Cha: I wish.

Me:  I don’t know. . . it’s kind of a boring condition.

Cha-Cha: Har.  More head-coldy.

Me:  Sorry.  If you’re well, wanna lunch tomorrow?  I’m off.

Cha-Cha:  Sure.

Me:  Cool.  You pick, since I’m not on a schedule and the restaurants I know around you are sit-down time-wasters.

Cha-Cha:  How about Noodles?

Me: Okay.  Never been

Cha-Cha:  I love their pesto.

Me:  Oooo.  Pesto.
I crockpotted a garlic turkey breast yesterday—so, so good.

Cha-Cha: I think you just violated the laws of the English language.

Me: To quote Bucky Katt, “You can wordify anything if you just verb it.”**

Cha-Cha:  I got into an argument with a high school English teacher over my made-up word “ranchlandish.”

Thank you for my Friday post.  Got any more?

Cha-Cha:  I’ll have to think about it.
I won the argument on the grounds of Jabberwocky and the like.

Me:  It is for land?  Or salad dressing?  Or both?

Cha-Cha: We had to write a short story set out west.

Me: Cool.  Though if a dressing is really, ridiculously good, ranchlandish works!

Cha-Cha: Or, if it’s a dish that harkens from the ranchlands.

Me: With radishes.

Cha-Cha: I can see the cowboys now, high on their horses, lassos slicing through the air, hunting down those wily radishes.

Me: What’s red and hums?

Cha-Cha: An Irish schoolchild?

Me: Electric Radish.

Cha Cha: Nice.  I still like the image of the radishes running from cowboys on their white spindly roots.

Me: I was thinking of them spinning like tops . . .

Cha-Cha: You could catch them in the lasso, wind the rope, put your foot against the radish, and yank.  They’d spin so fast they’d sing!

Me: Or hum.


Got any wordifications to share?

Maybe a corny—or radishy—joke or two?


*Definition:  Where Sarah keeps her clothes.

**From  Say Cheesy, a Get Fuzzy collection by the talented, hilarious, and non-litigious Darby Conley.