Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XV (Press Frenzy)

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This bit follows from last week—Clyota is interrupted from her personal angst by a vidcall, but she can’t exactly call it being “saved by the beep”:

“Cly, what the hell is going on?  All the Pressmen in the world are outside our house, yelping for you!”  On screen, I could see the outrage on Cristina’s face and little Thomas leaning against his mother, thumb in mouth, big eyes worried.

 I thought of all the flagged messages I’d just deleted—talk about missing a clue.  “What do they want?”

“Mostly they’re just screaming your name, and I’m sure as hell not asking them for details.” 


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15 thoughts on “Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XV (Press Frenzy)

  1. I thought the dynamic between Cly and Cristina was so realistic. It made Cly even more likable and she needed Cristina. This six is great. Glad you chose this snapshot.

    • Unless it’s a message from CuteChik47 asking in the subject line if you want to hook up with a bored MILF—those are probably safe to pitch without opening.

      I hope . . .

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