Random Thursday: Three Noms and a Not

I apologize in advance for the banana.


Location, Location, Location?

Sprinkles, a designer cupcake bakery, has decided to make their products available 24/7  by opening cupcake “ATM” at  their locations in LA—the upscale name is presumably a loophole to get around any Beverly Hills ordinances against “vending machines.”

I have to admit, it’s pretty shiny.

Though if I’m craving cupcakes that badly at midnight, I’d probably go for a box of Hostess—or better yet, Zingers—from the nearest GasMart.  You get eight for less than four bucks and they have creme filling.

‘Cause I’m just that klassy.


Edible Art

A Chinese street vendor makes the most beautiful snack I’ve ever seen.

You can see this little boy thinking, “But . . . if I eat it . . . it will be gone.”


The First Sign of Spring

And the reason I traditionally give up dieting for Lent.

If you haven’t tried at least one of these and you don’t have a tragic medical reason for not doing so,* do so.

Start with the original.

You can thank me later.


I Can’t Explain This One

Except to say that I must have a dirty mind, because I’m still not sure if it’s Safe for Work or not . . .

 . . . and I did say I was sorry.


*Which, in my opinion, includes not caring much for chocolate.  This isn’t just a pathology, it’s a crime against Nature, which wants us to be happy and evolved cacao trees specifically to do the job.


15 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Three Noms and a Not

  1. Moderation in moderation?? Brilliant.

    Those cupcake ATMs were all over the business news today. All I could think was how crazy that some people can’t get grocery stores in their neighborhoods and wealthy neighborhoods get cupcake ATMs. So I left work and went for a walk, my new thing instead of stuffing myself from the vending machine when I can’t take it. I walked about a mile and as I was coming back to my building there was a green food truck (the latest food craze has made its way to Chicago). What kind? A CUPCAKE truck.
    It took everything I had not to stop. Well, not everything. I don’t think I could pay 4 bucks for a cupcake. Ever. But man did they look good.
    So being that I believe in signs, what are the cupcakes trying to tell me????

    • I have no idea, Lyra — if a food doesn’t come wrapped in or stuffed with a fortune, all I ever hear it say is, “Eat me.”

      Sometimes this is helpful, but it’s never really profound. 🙂

    • I would SO pay $4 for a cupcake. LOOK AT THEM!!! The cute little box, the perfect treat within!!! And they’re big enough to share, so really it’s a $2 cupcakelet!!! (Don’t you love my logic?)

      (Used up my monthly allotment of exclamation points.)

  2. I thought no one ate in LA?

    I’m not “allowed” to watch the banana video due to my geographic location. Can’t decide if I should be mad or grateful.

    • That was my understanding, but then again, who would all those people feel pseudo-superior to, if there weren’t any real-sized people around? Plus those are designer cupcakes, so there’s probably some caché to casually carrying them around to “save for later.”

      Wow . . . I must be in a mood . . .

      You can’t get the Bananan vid?! Try YouTubing “Cartoon Network Banana Dance.” Or if you can access Cartoon Network, watch it for five minutes . . . Or you could just send a letter of thanks to the broadcasting regulators, because I’ve been humming that thing for a week now. 😀

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