Someone Amazing: Jon Gomm

One man, one guitar, two beautiful songs:

This song is about I plant a grew in my 10-feet-square backyard in the Leeds inner city. I put the seeds in a tiny tub, but it grew like a Roald Dahl story until it took over the whole yard, then one day the sun shone extra hard and 100 flowers all went “Pop!”. It was amazing, so I wrote a song for it.*

—Jon Gomm

And for those of us in a more melancholy mood:


*The MP3 of “Passionflower” is for sale—according to the video blurb, a percentage of all proceeds go to The Happy House children’s home in Watamu, Kenya.

4 thoughts on “Someone Amazing: Jon Gomm

  1. Amazing talent!Thank you for the introduction. I love seeing the worn in places of his guitar where he has used it as a drum.

  2. I always know I’m going to need to relax and enjoy for a few minutes when you post music – I even went and made a cup of tea first 🙂

    And Leeds? Does he mean my Leeds, in England? The one just down the road from me? Cool 🙂

    Oh yeah, nearly forgot – the music’s wonderful!

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