Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XVI (The Commute)

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From my drawer novel:  New information from the MoonShot massacre has been leaked, detailing the crimes of Clyota’s mother—and the Press are making the morning commute a bit difficult:

In my experience, the Press swarmed like blowflies—swat one and four took its place, taking little bites of people’s lives and spewing them all over the world.

I decided to put on my spare body armor for the commute.  Admin frowned on Staff wearing Library-grade armor on the streets, but whatever hand-slapping I earned for that was going to be the least of my problems.

Sure enough, they were waiting for me at the Library—not just the Press, but also a Line of my coworkers, armed with rifles and standing on the top steps in front of the large double Doors, which whined high-pitched warnings.

Facing the Line was a triple row of Press, not quite spilling out into the street, electronics extended from hands and implants, waiting for me to appear. Police flanked the two lines but were there more to protect rubberneckers from their own stupidity than to assist the more heavily armed—and better trained—Library Staff.


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