Random Thursday: Write this down . . .

Random Thursday (ˈrandəm ˈTHərzdā):  the day on which Sarah plunks down all the odd bits and pieces she’s acquired during the week in an effort to avoid writing a real post, the assembly of which usually ends up taking twice as much time as actually sitting down and creating real content.


epic win photos - Font Graffiti WIN


Twenty Years is a long time to wait for one sentence . . .

. . . unless you’re John Irving.


So, You Want to FTF?

Zoë Sharp, who is one of my favorite author-people,  interviewed Timothy Hallinan—author, instructor, blogger, cool guy—the other day on Murderati,* one of my favorite author-people places.

It was mentioned that Mr. Halligan  teaches courses on how to start and finish novels and had gathered his thought on the subject in one place on his website.

So I clicked over to check them out.  I read one or two of his articles . . . then a few more. . . and then  . . .

I bookmarked the page, closed out and started writing.

They’re that good.

And they’re right here.


Nice One, Kid . . .

These are the earrings I picked up for myself at the Mall on Sunday while I was trying to ignore Janie.

“Those are perfect for you, Mom!” said Janie, as I was paying for everything.

“Why?” said Sunny, momentarily distracted from her new yellow flower purse.**

“Because they’re little pencils,” said Janie.  “And she’s a . . .”

“A Mommy?”

“No.  Well, yeah, but she writes stuff.  And writers need . .  .”



Garrison Keillor says I can write fanfiction about Pirate Ninja Nuns from Mars***

So there, nyah.


Social anxieties and spontaneous credit card combustion be damned—I registered for Bouchercon last night.

I also scored accommodations, though not quite what I’d wanted.  The convention center has already sold out of the reserved block—the only room available in the hotel, if the reservation person was to be believed, was a three-person suite for $339 a night, which was tempting . . . but no.

I booked a room a block away and will frugally, if not cheerfully, schlep myself and my stuff back and forth.

So the only things I’m missing are a signed vacation slip^ and transportation, since my beloved Rocinante is in no shape to make the trip and I’d rather not fly if I can help it.^^

So if anyone within reach of this post hails from my part of the Midwest and plans to go to Bouchercon—or has always hankered to explore scenic Cleveland, it’s not my place to judge^^^—I’ll pay my share of gas and parking if you want to carpool or guard your stuff if you want to train- or buspool.

And if any of my posse are interested in sharing expenses for a suite . . .


*While you’re there, check out the amazing Q&A by Gar Harwood and Brad Parks.  Two brilliant men riffing off each other—priceless.

**It should be noted that she was sitting on the counter through this exchange because she refused to be parted from her new favoritest thing ever long enough for the clerk to scan the tag.

***Because I miss the Biker Mice, that’s why.

^I have to wait for the quarterly forms to come out, but it shouldn’t be a problem.  If it is, I’ll either cancel or hold one heck of a poetry contest.

^^It’s not fear, it’s impatience,  disgust, and expense, pretty much in that order.

^^^Though I’ll do it anyway, since I was born and (more or less) raised in Cincinnati, which means judging Cleveland is a deeply ingrained tradition.  But I hear the river up there is gorgeous now that it’s no longer bursting into flame on a regular basis . . . and for Laura, I’ll keep quiet—if she promises not to bring up the Reds or the Bengals or Jerry Springer or Mapplethorpe . . . never mind.


14 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Write this down . . .

    • Um . . . please read his blog, Downith—you know you don’t want to move again so soon! 😀

      I love those earrings—I don’t usually wear dangly ones, or pink ones, but I had to have ’em!

  1. After deciding my heart wasn’t in it, I gave up my WIP and yet I’m totally intrigued with Mr Hallinan’s words of wisdom. I bookmarked it. You know, just in case the door isn’t totally closed.

    And I agree with D. Those earrings are fabulous. You’ve got to wear them to Bouchercon.

  2. Dear lord have mercy … John Irving and my Garrison Keillor all in one place! Thanks Sarah. What fun words they have about this crazy craft.

    • They’re so different—processes and habits and styles—and yet they’ve both made it work so well . . .

      I think they’re proof that there’s room for everyone.

  3. John Irving just made me feel so much better. I have 17 years to work out this book. Phew!

    Love the earrings! But love Sunny’s wit more.

    As for travel I believe both Sherry and Laura HIGHLY recommend the Megabus. With a name like Megabus how can you go wrong?

    • John Irving is amazing, full stop. I don’t know if I could wait that long for the perfect moment to start a story, but it’s comforting that taking one’s time can work!

      Heaven help us when Sunny begins doing this on purpose! 😀

      I ran some schedules this afternoon, and I’m afraid I might have to fly if I don’t want to arrive or depart in the middle of the night—or take additional vacation days to travel—but I’ve got time to figure it out.

  4. I love Random Thursdays–it’s an accumulation of wonderful bits and pieces. The earrings are lovely, but Janie said it best already. I can’t wait to go through Halligan’s articles; I’m always looking for that extra push and writing has been crowding my mind lately. Congrats on registering for Boucher Con again. I loved your reports while you were there. It was like I was there. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa. 🙂

      I’ve gone through most of Mr. Halligan’s articles now, and his advice is really good! I’m glad to hear you’re writing more—that means there will be more for me to read!

      You could always come to Bouchercon with me . . . I’m sure your principal wouldn’t mind. 😀

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