Something Irish

Fannigan’s Isle is a Irish-Scottish-American-Calypso Folk Band who hail from central Ohio and have very few videos out there that weren’t recorded in taverns to enthusiastic background noise, so I opted for a high quality music-static image version of one of my favorites.

The musicians have independent careers, but still get together around this time every year to play, so   If you ever have a chance to hear them live, do it.*

Omnia is a European PaganFolk group who are obviously having the time of their lives being exactly who they are.  And damn, but they can make music.**


* Full Disclosure:  These gentlemen sang at our wedding reception and you have not lived until you’ve heard the Bunny Hop on the bagpipes, which was completely Mom’s idea.

**Full Disclosure:  This group did not play at my wedding, as they were all around twelve at the time and living in a different hemisphere.  But I imagine that if Puck ever decided to tie the knot, he’d book them.