Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XVII (The Bluff)

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This is the first appearance of a character who becomes important to the story in a chapter or two, though even I didn’t know it at the time, because he’s that good at what he does.

I inched forward, and the Press slid past me, forbidden from beating their hands and instruments against my car, but giving that impression through sheer rabid personality. 

Only one refused to budge, his telescopic implant lasering through the darkened windshield, zeroing on my face.  I grabbed my shock helmet from the passenger’s seat and jammed it over my head, flipping down the visor.  Try it now, buddy.

The Pressman stood his ground until my bumper touched his leg—calling my bluff, damn it. 

Decision time:  floor it, keep pushing, or stop?


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31 thoughts on “Six sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XVII (The Bluff)

  1. He sure is brave. I wonder what she’ll do… If she floors it, it might only add to the already stressful situation. A fabulous six!

  2. “sheer rabid personality”–love the description! Great intro to this paparazzi-type, and look forward to reading more about him. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Clyota’s too smart to run him over, no matter how she feels. Can’t wait till we get a better look at this Pressman, because you know how much I love him!

    “Rabid personality” is a great description, like Guilie said.

    • I think it’s perfectly natural, Kate, but it would shorten the story buy several chapters, and it’s already a bit shorter than it should be! 🙂

  4. This is a great introduction to him! I’m about 50% through the story and I think this character is great, very layered and interesting. Don’t you just love it when they just pop into your story like that and tap you on the shoulder?

  5. “Try it now, buddy” made me LOL. Floor it! Floor it! You have crafted a bold character with attitude! LOVE.

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