Lucky Seven, Times Two

Tag, I’m it—twice!

There’s a Lucky 7 meme going around the writing blogs right now.  The rules are simple:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
  4. Tag 7 other writers.

The pool of the untagged must be shrinking, since I was tagged twice on the same day, first by Jalisa Blackman, writer of amazing steampunk and intrepid werewolves, and a few hours later by Lorraine Paton, who recently joined Six on Sunday and immediately hooked me with a passage from one of her romance WIPS.

This double tag was a blessing, since I wasn’t sure which MS to useand now I don’t have to choose.

I decided to go for seven lines instead of seven sentences—the window on this blog is narrower than Word, so you’ll just have to trust me.


This first one is from Full Metal Librarian, a drawer novel I’ve been parceling out six-sentences at a time each Sunday.

It’s set in a skewed future where people hide behind Security Doors equipped with laser cannons, a half-cyborg Press Corps will do anything for the next big story, and librarians (like our narrator, Clyota) are paid only slightly less than junior high school teachers, but have better weaponry.

Clyota’s mother was posthumously convicted of mass-murder, and in this passage, someone is trying to steal a box that she willed to Clyota.

Dramatic, no?

Visions of baseball bats or ceramic knives passed through my mind, but the part of me that was hyped on adrenaline said, “Shut down the Door alert.”

“What?”  Christina twisted around to stare at me.  “Are you crazy?”

“If this is the same guy who overrode my Door, I need to ID him.  Please, Christina.  If he tries another code, shut off the alert.  Then unlock the Door, get the box, and lock yourself in the bathroom.”

“Jesus God,” said Christina, but gave the order. 


These next seven lines are from my almost-completed WIP The Pigeon Drop.

A group of ex-cons are searching for the family of their dying boss and mentor, a reformed huckster whose best chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant from a close family member.  Unfortunately, the man has spent most of his life hiding his past and isn’t about to help them dig it up, even to save his own life—and it looks like someone else is willing to kill to keep them from finding a donor in time.

“Konrad, Vince,” she said, going to the table, “If you’re done eating, I’ll show you what I’ve found so far.  The rest of you have another job to plan.”

McRae chuckled.   “You heard the lady.  Saul, Cassie–a loan shark outfit is trying to intimidate Rhonda into handing over Blaine’s money.  I want you to find Rhonda’s boyfriend and ask him about his debts–and about a couple of collectors named Celeste and Montague.” 

“How ’bout it, big guy?” said Cassie with a sultry flutter of eyelashes.  “Wanna go flex those muscles of yours?”

“Can I wear shoes?”

I could explain the shoes . . . but that’s not in the rules.


My seven victims writers—all of whom have, I believe, at least seventy-seven pages of manuscript available and haven’t been tagged yet*—are:

 1.  Lyra

2.  Laura Maylene

3.  Averil

4. Teri (who put her seven the comments)

5. Downith (who has responded to the challenge over at her place)

6. amyg

7. Sherry (who put her seven in the comments)

Tag, guys—you’re it!


*If I’m wrong about either the number of pages you have available or the tagging, feel free to ignore all this.  If not, feel free to ignore it anyway, but hey—you’ll get a blog post out of it!


28 thoughts on “Lucky Seven, Times Two

    • You’re welcome, Downith. Thanks for playing along! 😀

      (if you go around telling people you always do what I say, you can’t expect me not to push it, just a little . . )

  1. I’m digging both of these, Sarah. As I was telling Downith, I’m at the cafe at the moment. I saw her post and looked at my WIP. What page do you think I was on?? Yes! Page 77. And the first seven lines were the final lines of a scene.

    You chicks are spooky. Maybe it’s the bracelet.

  2. Heyyy, wait a minute… Is this a trick to get me to resume blogging?

    Not buying that ploy, so instead I’ll post it here. Hope you don’t mind. I’m sort of playing along. Except I probably can’t really tag anyone.

    The ms is in the middle of some reworks, but I’ll post it as it stands today, with this being p. 77, line seven along with the seven that follow. For the scene set-up: Kate, who recently suffered a heart attack, is grocery shopping with her best friend, Barb.

    She’d always viewed grocery shopping, along with cooking, as a feast of the senses. Now, both simply served as reminders of how she should and shouldn’t live her life.

    “So, what else is on our agenda today?” asked Barb.

    “Absolutely nothing?” Kate eyed the jars of Hellman’s mayonnaise. How lethal could a BLT, with thick slabs of bacon and real mayo, truly be? She sighed, tossing a jar of light mayo in the cart. She refused to buy that fat-free shit. What did they replace the fat with anyway? Probably some carcinogen.

  3. I’m going to leave mine here — I hope that’s okay! Why? I really don’t know who I’d tag who hasn’t already been. So here you go.

    “Thomas and Kirsten — whom I assume are friends because they dress alike in Army green and always sit together — are the ring leaders. They roll their eyes and say things like, “I have no idea what this is supposed to be about,” and “Jesus, do you not have spell-check?” and “Does somebody have to die every week?” and “God I am so over these ‘mother stories.’” My classmates are sometimes so vicious the instructor has to send us e-mails to remind us to be kind. “Remember that we are here,” she writes, “to support our fellow students, not to criticize.” And then she lists the ground rules for critique. Again. The same list every week. But nothing changes.

  4. I’m glad you got to show two–such different stories, equally excellent. The first choice was fraught with danger, and the second was light and flirtatious. Love your picks!

  5. Clylota is one fierce chick.
    And thank you for that snippet of The Pigeon Drop! I always hear music when reading your excerpts. This one has the Mission Impossible theme thumping in the back ground.

  6. Anything that gives me a bit extra of your Sunday story is very cool with me. And I love the last line of the other one 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah! fair warning: I’m thinking of submitting part of Full Metal to you to see what music you might find for it. 😀

      (the next line of Pigeon is “We’ll see.” 🙂 )

  7. This is great, Sarah!
    Unfortunately, I only have 40 pages typed as my weekend didn’t go “quite” as planned.
    Thanks for thinking of me though.

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