The Sunny is Five Today!

Today is Sunny’s fifth birthday.

If her big sister is a gift—and she is—then this kid is my miracle.  In 2002, I had health issues and a hinky hypothalamus and while we were trying to have a second child, there wasn’t any guarantee.

And then I started having some of the symptoms on my red-flag list and called my endocrinologist, who suggested I take a pregnancy test before I started panicking.

I did . . . and the rest is family history, including a chapter on a special little kid who decided to celebrate her entrance in this world by playing an early April Fool’s joke on her mother.

She’s sunshine and cloud cover and bounce—and has amazing taste in jammies, hats, and mismatched socks.

Happy Birthday, curlygirl.  Keep on stylin’.

I love you.


24 thoughts on “The Sunny is Five Today!

  1. Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl, who is so special. How could she not be with such a special big sis and mother. Hope Sunny’s day is extra special. Showed her picture to one of my members whose Birthday is today too. Love you all.

    • I’ll read this out to her when I get home from work. I’m sure she’d love the traditional singing phonecall from her grandparents . . . 😉

  2. Since she detests being upside down, do you ever call her “Sunny side up?”
    Give her a big huge Happy Birthday squeeze for me and tell her it’s from someone who thinks her mom is the bomb.

  3. That’s my cutie. She is a gift, just as is her sister. This one though is the self declared “grandpa’s girl”. You can tell the whole story in a future blog if you choose. Give her a hug for both of us. I have been rehearsing for the birthday call.

  4. Oh that little bundle. That soft warm little bundle, just waiting for a hug. My youngest turns 10 tomorrow, and he’s gotten all bony and string-beanish, with chipmunk teeth and a penchant for jokes about bodily functions. I still like to pounce him, though, and munch his cheeks. (No whiskers yet, thank goodness!)

    You know, if Sunny would someday like an older man . . . we could be in-laws . . .

    • In my heart, she will never be too big for footie jammies!

      Lyra and I were in negotiations a while back, but I have two daughters, so let’s see what happens. 🙂

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to Sunny, and I’d love a pair of those jammies. That picture is so perfect 🙂

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