Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XIX (Noise Ordnance)

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Home again, Home again . . .

 My block was bristling with Press electronically loaded for bear, shouting for my attention—if I got through this, my neighbors were going to be next, with pitchforks and copies of the homeowners’ association bylaws.

I grabbed the remote and thumbed the Door to the highest setting, donned my shock helmet, leapt out of the car and ran for safety.  My Police escort cleared a path for me, swinging their clubs in apparent enjoyment, while the Press recorded them, and me, and each other, the fallen and the still rioting.

I crunched over broken antennae and a lens or two before reaching my Door, which was bellowing a warning loud enough, I hoped, to burst every enhanced eardrum within range.

My peripheral vision noticed the small Pressman  Diane had “rescued” standing at the bare minimum of the Door’s range, his stillness isolating him from the frenzy.  He made no attempt to approach or call out, but kept his lens focused on me with eerie concentration.


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20 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XIX (Noise Ordnance)

  1. More of my favorite Pressman. Have I ever told you that he reminds me of Konrad? Both characters’ innate ability to reach a calm within a storm is just so cool. They’re the coolest of cucumbers and I love them.

    Can’t wait for more! Oh, and love the “electronically loaded for bear.” Awesome line.

  2. I was just writing about this, the need to arrive on tip-toe when shooting a subject. it’s the human equivalent to being a fly on the wall.

    Well done, as always!

  3. My favorite part of this was the escalation of the neighbor’s weapons from pitchforks to homeowners association bylaws. And the pressman is awesome in a creepy sort of way 🙂 Great six! Is it out of the drawer yet?

  4. Just who is the Pressman? I didn’t understand all the references, but this is my first read of your stuff. I did really enjoy the writing. The tension was great, the POV strong. Looking forward to next week!

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