Haiku Contest Winner!

Sorry this is late—
Jane had a school concert and
Sang like a loud bird.

So many haiku!
Such clever, talented friends!
Must I choose just one?

Thank heavens random
is the winner of this one—
I’m not made of mugs!

to gossamer eyelash snag
poet, Averil* Dean!

Once Averil e-mails
Her mug choice and address, please,
The prize will be hers!

Thank you all for your
beautiful poems . . . I wish
I WAS made of mugs!

*With my accent, this is two syllables and I’d appreciate it if y’all would humor me. Thanks.


9 thoughts on “Haiku Contest Winner!

  1. Okay, I’ve got it! With such unparallelled skill in haiku, you could write a 50 Shades of Haiku book! Here you come, NYTimes Bestseller list.
    Congrats Gossamer Averil!

    And that mug? I keep chuckling over hippopotamus. I may have to order it.

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