Six Sentence Sunday: Full Metal Librarian XXI (The Death)

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This next passage is a few chapters later—Clyota is unpleasantly surprised when her mother’s co-pilot shows up bearing a gift.  And even more so when he’s shot on her Doorstep:

The Ambulance landed in my front lawn and the Door let the medics through.  Strong hands pulled me from my resuscitation attempts, and I stumbled over the box. 

I gave it a vicious kick, sliding it out of the way.

The EMTs not involved with the Lieutenant asked me questions, recorded my answers, and downloaded the Door’s log.  Then they all took William Strapton-Hardcastle away, leaving only a few spots on my carpet. 

Laser blasts don’t make for pretty wounds, I observed through several layers of fog, but they do keep most of the blood in.


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