Monday . . . Need I Say More?

Funny Animal Captions - So, it's going to one of THOSE days

I don’t have a post today, y’all. I barely have brain function, and therefore apologize for whatever comments I’ve scattered among the Interwebz today and whatever replies I might have made to your comments here.

I’ve been up to my alligators in asses since early this morning, my inbox kept refilling itself,* I discovered in the middle of a meeting that my elbow has eaten a hole in my only professional-looking top, and sometimes there’s not enough diet Pepsi and Cadbury creme eggs in the world.

In short, it’s been one of those days for which the term Monday was redefined, and the only thing keeping me upright and smiling is Averil’s great news and my new nail polish, which is a stunning metallic green—speaking of professional—that was treated with a magnet after application to form a wave pattern.  It’s like wearing lime-ribbon Christmas candy on my fingertips, and I defy anyone to be glum while wearing this stuff.

Tacky—and holey—but cheerful, that’s me.**

I do have tomorrow off—I’m working Saturday this week***—so I’m hoping to be able to drum up a Real Post by tomorrow afternoon and get my half of a co-project sent out and maybe another chapter of Pigeon done and dusted.

Hope, as Sunny said the other day, springs a turtle.


*Aren’t staples supposed to be paperwork prophylactics?  If not, someone should seriously get on that.

**The image isn’t my nail, if you’re wondering—the one time I wanted my thumb in a photograph and the flash kept screwing up the results.   I’d try one with the flash off, but Janie’s the only one who knows how and she’s at softball practice.

***And therefore will not be able to drive to Ohio to see my nephew as the Wicked Witch of the West in his high school production of the Wizard of Oz.   So I’m sending a bottle of the nail polish instead.

13 thoughts on “Monday . . . Need I Say More?

    • Steal it away, Downith! I want to have a pin made, somewhere—a turtle on a spring.

      It had better be better, or I’m spending it in bed with the covers pulled over my head.

  1. Happy writing today Sarah!
    1) Love, love, love the polish.
    2) I have walked around more timex than I can count with holes in my shirt elbows. If they’d only start making sleeves 2 inches longer, I’d be all set.
    3) Hope Springs a Turtle by Sunny Wesson. Hee! So cute.

    • Thanks, Lyra.

      I knew you would like it! It comes in blue, pink, red, and (I think) black, if any members of your household are interested.

      My arms are short and my elbows pointy. It’s a deadly combo for tops and wraps.

      We were all so tickled, we didn’t correct her! 🙂

  2. I think we had the same Monday. My in box kept refilling itself too. I wish I knew how that happpened, so I could stop it ; ) And today is meeting day, so, yay (NOT).

    Sunny should probably copyright that phrase before it gets stolen and she can’t use it for her book.

  3. My Monday was spent running to appointments where I was either at the wrong office, made the wrong kind of appointment, or the person I was meeting was running late (as in 2 hours late).

    It was a Monday packed with “stuff” where absolutely nothing got done. Which is kind of funny actually. Like this picture!

    • That’s it, exactly, Teri!

      It feels like we’re going forward, but it turns out we’re facing the wrong direction on an automatic walkway . . .

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