Random Thursday: Vegetating

Welcome to the vegetarian edition of  Random Thursday.

I’m as surprised as you are.


Wah-OOOOO! I love to Chewwwww!

First off, an earworm from those surrealists over at the Dinosaur Train:

You’re welcome!


Brilliant . . . but just not the same

epic win photos - Vegetable WIN


Tuber Tune!

Cha-Cha found us an acapella spud song—and it’s really good.


Botany vs. Psychology

Me: What veggies should we have for dinner tonight?

Sunny: Cupcakes!

Me: A cupcake isn’t a vegetable.  Sorry.

Sunny: Cookies?

Me: Cookies aren’t vegetables, either.

Janie (looking up from her homework): Chocolate is a vegetable.  What?  It’s made from beans.

Me:   Technically true, but–

Sunny:  It is?  Like jelly beans?

Me: Not really.  They’re sort of seed pods and—

Sunny (bouncing up and down in excitement):  Can we have choclit beans for dinner, Mommy?  Can we, can we?

Me:  Sorry, sweetie.  We don’t have any.

Sunny:  But I want them, Mommy.  Call Daddy to buy some.

Me:  Daddy doesn’t want to drive to South America for beans.

Sunny:  You can ask him.

Me: Thanks, Jane.

Janie:  You’re welcome!

My MIL: We could always have carrots.

Sunny:  I don’t like carrots.

My MIL:  I always put a little sugar in them, when I make them.

Sunny: Oooo! I like carrots!

Janie: Can we put maple syrup in them instead?

My Mil: No.

Me: You know . . . that doesn’t sound half—

My Mil: No.


John Leguizamo  . . .  IS Captain Vegetable

Love how he makes this role his own . . .


Couch Potato!

epic win photos - Bean Bag Chair WIN

Any questions?


Vegetable Orchestra

This one is so absolutely amazing, you’re going to forgive me for the Dinosaur earworm. Guaranteed.



11 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Vegetating

  1. What I wouldn’t give to neglect my kids right now and curl up in that couch potato and watch all these videos! How much I love your family dynamic?

  2. I’d like some of those chocolate beans, please. Much better than carrots. What does your MIL have against maple syrup?

    Also, the vegetable orchestra…superb. I wish I had the imagination to come up with things like that.

    • Next time I’m in South America, I’ll pick some up for you. 🙂

      My MIL is a Southern traditionalist. Or something.

      I wish I had the coordination to drill a hole through a parsnip lengthwise without maiming myself . . .

  3. This is where I normally curse you for providing more distractions, but instead I’m going to thank you for the videos and for the great idea for maple carrots.

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