Childhood Booklust Revisited . . . Score!

More than a year ago, I did a post about my ongoing search for two of my favorite childhood books.

They were for sale here and there for  $100-$400US each—quality unverifiable—but I was hoping for a more financially responsible option.*

Now, thanks to a dear friend, my search is half over!

About a week ago, I received an e-mail from thefirstmausi,** who told me she’d just seen How to Become King— Jan Terlouw’s novel about a teenager’s quest to become king despite the obstacles placed by a 1984-esque Ministry—on Amazon for about forty dollars, though she didn’t know if it was still available or if I wanted to risk buying something without a cover or various pages.

I checked.  It was.  And I did.

My book—mine!— arrived Wednesday.  It’s not new and I still paid a bit more than the original price of the book, even considering thirty-odd years of inflation . . . but what price happy childhood memories?*

I loved this book so much that my name was on every other line on the check-out card of my elementary school’s copy.  I started reading it to Janie last night.  I still love it.

Thank you, firstmausi !

Now . . . Anyone have any leads on The Night They Stole the Alphabet ?


*Picture my parents and my husband staring at the screen in utter shock right here, because they will, are, or did.


*Okay, yeah, under $100US, unless we’re talking mint condition happy childhood memories.


11 thoughts on “Childhood Booklust Revisited . . . Score!

  1. I am so excited for you! There are a couple of books I would love to get my hands on, too. One I see on ebay for too much. The other, I can’t remember the title. I remember the gist of the plot and some details, but I remember I read it at least three times when I was in the 5th grade or so. It was very suspenseful and I loved that thrill.

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