Something Totally Baby-Sitter Worthy

Last night, my Hollywood Hype book group was supposed to discuss Darkly Dreaming Dexter  and then watch a couple of episodes of the HBO show based on it.

But none of us were in an anti-hero, serial killer mood,* so we ditched the plan and went for dinner and a movie.  And we actually managed to score tickets to this movie, which is the antithesis of an anti-hero flick:

It.  Was.  Amazing.

I can’t tell you all the things I loved about it without unforgivable spoilers, but it was definitely a Joss Whedon production, which means the self-perceptions of all the characters are blown apart and no one is safe from suffering, either physically or emotionally.  And bureaucrats suck, of course, but that’s a Marvel thing, too.

As predicted, Iron Man/Tony Stark gets most of the snark, but Dr. Banner is up there, too, and the Hulk gets most of the physical humor—Mark Ruffalo is perfect  for this role.  Black Widow becomes a real person in this, more than worthy of a movie of her own and if that movie doesn’t feature Hawkeye, too, I’m lodging a protest—his arms alone are box office gold, and since those arms are attached to the incredibly talented Jeremy Renner, it ought to be a done deal by now.

And visually . . . well.  I’ve already mentioned Hawkeye’s arms, but the rest is sheer excellence from settings to effects to costumes.

All the recent Marvel movies tie together in this one, but if you missed one or two—I skipped Thor and the second Hulk, and missed the final twenty minutes of Captain America when the power went out Thursday night—there are enough unobtrusive background lines to make it work.  But if you’ve seen ’em, the layers are remarkable.

Stan Lee has his expected cameo near the end.  And if you don’t stay past the credits—which are stunning in themselves—you’ll be missing the promise of another amazing movie to come.

I’ll be seeing Avengers again with my husband and SIL and probably at least once after that— it’s definitely babysitter worthy.**

So I’m asking all of you to have a heart and see it as soon as possible, so I don’t have to wait until Friday to rehash all my favorite parts, especially the one when the Hulk . . . No, I can’t spoil it for you.

Just see it, please?  I’m dying here—grrr arggh.

* I was the only one who enjoyed the book—if you’re surprised, you’re new around here.  Welcome!

**I’m talking to the couple who actually brought the baby last night, although that wasn’t half as annoying as the girls behind me who wouldn’t shut up about the baby, who was far better behaved.  Though I still don’t approve—it’s a loud movie.