Random Thursday: A Little Random Advice. And Killer Robots.

This is gonna be a short one, as  I am/was at a library staff in-service all day, learning how to better serve the public.

But I figured if I was going to collect new advice on how to advise people, I’d be well advised to use up some of the old advice I had lying around . . . 


Timing is Everything:


A BA in Undecided

Some of you have kids who are still making you tear your hair out over their procrastinating  thinking about choosing a college major.

Here is some true but thoroughly unhelpful advice, set to “Modern-Major General.”

Sing to Modern Major General -- Trust me!

Remember, if  you can’t force them to your kids don’t choose wisely, this could happen to you them:


superheroes batman superman - THE CREDIBLE HULK

Librarian Hulk* says, See The Avengers Movie! 


Robopocalypse?  No problem

Meet my new YouTube time suck, Epipheo, and the author of a book I’ve just put on hold at the library:

I feel so much better now . . .


* Hulk HUSH!!!!!!!


15 thoughts on “Random Thursday: A Little Random Advice. And Killer Robots.

  1. Ha! I love the “Every major’s terrible.”

    I always wanted to be an English lit major, but I was open to something else if I found another passion in college. I was of course worried that I wouldn’t be employable as a lit major. And then, for about three shining seconds, I thought I had found something I liked just as much: Philosophy. That’s right. Philosophy. Probably the only major I could think of that could be considered even less practical. After that little glitch I decided it was best to just stick with what I love, and so far it has worked nicely.

  2. This is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. First of all, thanks for giving me a Gilbert and Sullivan earworm, and his evil twin supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. My skull will be hollow by Sunday morning. Second, the truths in that are so inexplicably…well…true. Been going through this with my sons, one in the midst of college, one a year away from embarking.

    • You’re welcome, John! 🙂

      We’ve got nine years to go before Janie needs to start making decisions and filling out college applications—I’m not looking forward to that rodeo . . .
      You know, at least herpetology appears subjective. How does your son feel about snakes?

      • Not so much, still too much science for him. I find it interesting that music major was not part of the comic panel…otherwise he’d be biting the hand that feeds. How else would one know Gilbert and Sullivan?

        • That and Music Theory is pretty much audible trig—which is why I downshifted to a music performance minor after my first year . . .

          Drama majors might know Gilbert and Sullivan . . . maybe.

        • Love your description of Music Theory! It’s the main reason I never tried music as a major, although I did have a poetry class that acted much like a music mystery class. (Who wrote this and when?)

        • Cadence and scansion I get — any harmonic devices beyond a Picardy Third, I don’t get . . . At least words stay put most of the time!

          (if you mean the comic, it’s pretty recent — click it and it should take you to xckd’s website)

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