One of the Coolest Things About My Mom . . .

crazy parenting fails - Better Than Macaroni Art
. . . is that she’s laughing about this right now and sharing it with her friends.*

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Sometimes, genetics is awesome.


* And passing around the card I gave her this year.  Inside:   a picture not unlike the one above—though with a cowboy hat— and Happy Mother’s Day embossed on it.  Inside:  I figured you’ve been given enough flowers and kittens by now.   Mom loved it.  Dad wasn’t sure .  . .


13 thoughts on “One of the Coolest Things About My Mom . . .

  1. I loved it and can hardly wait share. Happy Mothers Day to both of us. When are you going to send the real thing?

  2. A mother with a sense of humor. Tell me, what’s better than that? Happy mom’s day!!!

  3. After hearing the ziplining story, I think your Dad can safely assume that boy couldn’t keep up with her.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom.

  4. Oh, my! Speaking as a mom, I have to say, I like that, too! I hope your mom (and all the other mothers out there) had a happy mother’s day yesterday. Thanks for posting such a :: blinks :: lovely card. It just brought a smile to my face. Such a great way to start the morning! 😉

    • Thanks, Duch — I hope your day was a good one, too, even without breakfast in bed, a comatose teen, and a dubious family non-gathering.

      I love your website, BTW. 🙂

      • LOL! Thank you!! And thanks for making me laugh about the whole dubious family non-gathering thing. 😉

        Mother’s day was great. Mr. Magick Man cooked a delicious dinner for me, and the Teenboy cleaned my house. Between the two of them, I was spoiled, rotten. 😉

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