Buying Time Giveaway

“My Life is a freakin three-ring circus and I’m locked in the trunk of the clown car.”
— Aspen Moore

I have my vacation time approved, my registration in, and my hotel room booked—I’m going to Bouchercon!

Part of why I’m so pleased about this is the sheer number of friendly people I met there last year.*   Like Kelly Cochran.

We met in the audience of a panel and ended up having lunch together and discussing our respective books, premises, problems,  characters, hopes and dreams—it was a nice, long lunch—and I had a great time.

And her book sounded fascinating:  A personal concierge—sort of a freelance Woman Friday/time management coach/gofer/acquisitions agent/etcetera—witnesses something that could mean a client’s apparent suicide was murder.  But she has very interesting reasons for not going to the police . . .

Buying Time, the first in the Aspen Moore series, is now out and she’s asked me if I could spread the word.

Consider it done.  She didn’t even have to bribe me with a copy, though it was much appreciated.**

I can’t say too much more about the story without spoiling it, but I can tell you that I enjoyed the characters, especially Peter, who is a sexy sweetie-P.I. who brings out the ham in Aspen and provides half of the best banter in the book—I have certain hopes for these two, supposing that one overly attentive police officer would get out of the way.

The rest of the characters were done well, too—I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mirella, who has that contained, enigmatic vibe I like so much.  The only one of the bunch I actively disliked, murderer excepted, was Isabella—but I’m pretty sure that’s the right reaction—she’s there to raise Aspen’s frustration levels, not win a popularity contest, and she does the job almost too well.

To further spread the word, Kelly is offering a copy to the first ten people from here to request one.  All she asks in return is that  you  review it on Amazon or GoodReads or even write it up in your own blogs, if you prefer.

So drop her a note at kelly at, telling her if you prefer paperback or Kindle—she’s earmarked five of each.***  Be sure to mention I sent you, so she can keep count.

Kelly says she’s planning to return to Bouchercon, too—I’m hoping we can do lunch again.


* Seriously, my residual awkward-yet-charmingly brave little social anxiety thing didn’t stand a chance.

**The perfect bribe would have been my own Aspen for a month starting today . . .

***No, not literally.  Would I do this for someone who would do that?


10 thoughts on “Buying Time Giveaway

  1. Ooohhh! This sounds like my kind of read! So glad I happened to check in this evening. My fingers are crossed. Look at you, making friends and influencing people!

    • Thanks, Josey. It’s in October, so I have plenty of time to figure out how to get there. . .

      I kind of like how Magna cum Murder sounds, too. It’s held at Ball State University, but I haven’t been, yet. 🙂

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