Something Reassuring

I received a rejection yesterday—it was a long shot, and I’d told myself not to pin any hopes or dreams on it, though of course I did anyway.

But it would have hurt much worse if I hadn’t listened to the words of a wise man earlier this week. The full text is available, if you would prefer to read them.

Thank you, Mr. Gaiman.  I’m not quite ready to see this as a step forward, yet, but maybe tomorrow . . . And I think I might have made a little good art today.

The most reassuring thing about this, though, is that it was sent to me by a good friend with uncanny timing.

Thanks, Lyra.


10 thoughts on “Something Reassuring

  1. Rejection! There’s that awful word again–we’ve got to think of something more positive and pithy.

    Take heart, my friend. A rejection simply means you’re playing the game.

    • Positive and pithy . . . Sorry, fresh out.

      But I guess this is what I have a Good Review folder for—and friends, too. Thanks, Averil.

  2. Love.

    Just keep in mind his point about the list. You just keep on. If it’s on the list, its on the list.

    We’ll get there. We will. Why else would we be gifted with such stubbornness at birth? See? Pure logic right there, Ms. Wesson.

  3. That man is just wonderful. I remember reading one of his books for the first time and being weirded out that his writing was so simple and direct – he’d been described to me so often as one of the best writers ever that I freaked out a bit and thought he was going to be like a modern James Joyce or something! ^_^

    • He’s a literary rock star.

      I was six feet away from him at an ALA conference and there was a sparkly glow around his being. It could have been all the cell flashes going off, but I prefer to think of it as sheer charisma. 🙂

  4. Wait, what did you submit? Is your WIP done?? UGH, I hate being so out of the loop. Trying to get caught up, but being a few months behind is a bitch… Anyway, hope you’re still forging ahead, with confidence!!!

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