How Now Purple Cow Poetry Winner!

The Pink Cowgirl Hat of Win Has Spoken!*

And once again, I’m grateful that these contests are drawings and not judgings, because I can’t afford a nine-way tie** on a librarian’s salary, no matter how much I love and appreciate all of your entries.

 The winner of the   Purple Cow Poem Contest is VICKI WILCOX!

If you haven’t been reading the entries, go look—don’t forget to visit John’s blog to see his, because he’s amazing.  You’ll have to trust me that the ones e-mailed to me were just as fun.

 Thanks to all of you for participating!

 Vicki, e-mail me your choice of regular sized mug from CafePress and I’ll get it right out to you.


*Or we never would have found it at the bottom of Sunny’s closet.  Sheesh.

 **Not including Mom, because relatives count for a  lot, but not, alas, in these contests.  But your birthday is coming up, so you might get a mug anyway . . .