Random Thursday: Canon Blasts, Einstein’s Office, and the Light at the End of a Very Busy Tunnel

No, I didn’t misspell cannon. You’ll see.


crazy parenting fails - Children Have a Busy Life

Barring one softball game tonight—though it may be rained or flooded out, the way the weather is falling out of the sky this morning—one day camp registration picnic tomorrow, and a church picnic and a graduation party Sunday (for which I still have to pick up an Office Max card), my To Do List From Hell is done, y’all.

I can see June from here!  And it looks relatively peaceful.*

So now, I guess I get to make a list of stuff I want to do, right?

Um, right?


Liquid Flowers

epic win photos - Liquid Flowers WIN

Jack Long captures calculated splashes with high-speed film.

He has more on Flickr.  Check out the bubbles!


Firing up Pachelbel’s Canon

Told you I got it right.

If only the Piano Guys could do they same thing for Pomp and Circumstance . . .


The Workspace of Genius

See?  I do have something in common with Einstein besides several righteous cowlicks:

funny science news experiments memes - Einstein's Office

Just swap the math on the board for a shopping list and plot points and put a cat in the middle of it all and this is our dining room table my writing space.


Ask Tomorrow—He Knows

A co-worker and I recently spent a borderline-unreasonable amount of time trying to reconstruct an old Abbott and Costello skit while we were sticking RFID tags in DVD cases.

We didn’t  get it quite right, as neither of us could remember the shortstop’s name.

But later, when another co-worker said, “I don’t know,” in the middle of the workroom, she was interrupted by a chorus of “Third Base!” from all corners—and an eyeroll from the nearest supervisor.

So, so worth it.


13 thoughts on “Random Thursday: Canon Blasts, Einstein’s Office, and the Light at the End of a Very Busy Tunnel

    • i don’t know, but if I had the camera, I’d be tempted to make a mess trying to find out! 🙂

      (to be perfectly honest, you can actually see most of our dining room table)

  1. Dare I mention the Slappy the Squirrel skit set at Woodstock – with The Who’s on first, The Band’s on second, and Live on third (can’t remember the Woodstock era bands so I made due with some moderns).

    Dad’s office looked a lot like that. Good thing you married into the fam-bly…

  2. Gosh, I used to love Abbott and Costello when I was a kid. If I’m not mistaken, I think there was an episode with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that was fantastic.

  3. Any workplace where one can use Abbott and Costello bits has to be the best place ever.

    Now I’m going to go listen to that Canon. (Does anyone else think of Thirtysomething when the Canon in D is mentioned?)

    • Libraries, generally speaking, are full of smartasses. It’s both side effect and defense mechanism.

      (I think of G.E. soft light commercials . . . )

  4. If I was left to my own druthers, my desk both at work and at home would look like that. I’m lucky other people keep my reeled in.

    And Abbott and Costello. Everytime we’d go over to my grandmother’s as a kid, I remember watching Abbott and Costello (and odd the things remembered) Esther Williams. Not together. Ha!
    I still love watchiing them both.

  5. For some reason, that Pachelbel reminds me of the Turtle Island Quartet and the East Village Opera Company. Both are excellent groups if you get the chance to see them live.
    My desk is much worse. I keep hoping (fruitlessly, it seems) that if I pile things high enough, people will stop bringing more!
    That Abbott & Costello bit never gets old.

  6. I am jealous of your relatively peaceful June. My June is going to be a monster. I’m waiting for the bright blue July to bring down my stress levels.

    Also, that child’s to-do list rocks. I too vow to “get dizzy” and “sit down” today. Done and done.

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